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Cloud and Web Hosting Services

Cloud and Web Hosting Services 

 CISI Kenya's Cloud hosting services enables organizations, businesses and individuals run business applications, software’s and websites on the internet using servers located at trusted secure data centers that provide the platforms to archive this.

CISI Kenya Cloud hosting solution services can be run as dedicated, virtualized or shared services enabling deployment of private, public or hybrid cloud services.

Shared Web Hosting Services 

CISI Kenya provides reliable bespoke tailor-made web hosting solutions to businesses, organizations and individuals. Our web hosting solutions enable businesses host their websites, emails and other applications online. 

Our Web Hosting Features

  • Variable disk space depending on ones needs.
  • CPanel Software to manage your web hosting account
  • Raid 10 Disk Space
  • Operating Systems CentOS 6 64 bit.
  • MySQL and MySQL Lite Databases.
  • Apache server
  • PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0+ support
  • Web Mail email softwares (Horde, Roundcube and Squirrel Mail)
  • Email Accounts
  • Email Forwarders / Auto Responders
  • Email Auto Responders / Mail Forwarding
  • POP3 / IMAP / SMTP Email Services
  • FTP Accounts
  • Web site Analytical tools (AWStats, SEO Tools, Webalizer, Statistics Software)
  • Website Script Auto Installer
  • Hot link protection
  • Spam Assistant
  • PHP MyAdmin
  • .htaccess support
  • Among other features

Benefits of Hosting with CISI Kenya

  • CISI Kenya is a reliable hosting provider.
  • CISI Kenya provides personalized hosting services.
  • CISI Kenya provides technical support to its clients in-case of a problem or error.
  • Hosting with CISI Kenya increases your sites reliability.
  • CISI Kenya provides a secure hosting environment.
  • Ability to install and update web scripts like Joomla, Wordpress Drupal etc.  easily using the scrip auto installer.

Please contact us for more details on our web hosting solutions services.

Server Co-location Cloud Hosting Services 

CISI Kenya network of data centres offer unique co-location facilities for customers wanting to host in content rich, high density network facilities in Kenya, the African continent, London and the United States.

Our Server Co-location solution set offers a variety of co-location options ranging from standard racks, half and quarter racks, to customised vault solution which can ramp up to your individual power density requirements. The environments are fully access controlled and we vet customers and provide escorted access through to your environment.

CISI Kenya Server Co-location Cloud Services offered

CISI Kenya Cloud Virtual Data Centre

CISI Kenya Virtual Data Centre allows clients the flexibility to order, configure and provision data centre computing infrastructure as it is needed. This includes servers, storage, monitoring and connectivity components.
With multiple, robust and content-rich data centres in in Kenya and around Africa - all of which meet top global standards - we’re able to help you extend your business into the cloud whilst boosting your operational capabilities and reducing costs.

CISI Kenya Cloud Virtual Data Centre Benefits

  • A high-speed fibre network offering 400GB of bandwidth between data centres.
  • Economies of scale through bulk power supply, space, reduced cooling and human resource costs.
  • Advanced server technology and more sustainable IT solutions.
  • Cost savings through reduced operating costs per rack.
  • Flexible self-provisioning with a variety of managed, hosted service offerings.
  • Easy access to advanced data centre technology and highly skilled technical experts.

CISI Kenya Cloud Managed Backup

CISI Kenya Cloud Managed services provide a daily backup and record changes to files since the previous day. This ensures a full data set is available for each day and reduces the amount of data to be transferred in the event of a restore.

Data restores are available via the agent and can be performed at any time. The system architecture incorporates the best-of-breed back-up technology and ensures consistent and reliable data protection.

Our Cloud Managed Backup is a secure, automated disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution offered on robust storage infrastructure.

CISI Kenya Cloud Managed Backup Benefits

  • Ensures business continuity.
  • Delivers a cost-effective disaster recovery solution.
  • Ensures network efficiency, central management, policy-based control and ease of use.
  • Provides a daily backup and records changes to files.
  • Reduces amount of data needed to transfer in the event of a restore.

CISI Kenya Shared Rack Space

Shared rack space is deployed as dedicated hardware within a chosen CISI Kenya partner data centre, with the option of client-owned or leased servers. CISI Kenyas’ Shared Rack Space solution also enables connections to the hosting network to serve traffic to the Internet or the client’s MPLS network.

CISI Kenya Shared Rack Space Benefits

  • Hosted in a redundant data centre networks, in Africa and London.
  • Gain access to content rich, high-density network facilities across the African continent.
  • Benefit from energy savings and power optimisation in line with our sustainability strategy.
  • Enjoy multi-Gigabyte connectivity to the core – with select facilities that have fibre connectivity to the rack.

 CISI Kenya Server Co-location Benefits

  • High level of data security
  • Redundant infrastructure
  • Media agnostic

For more information on our server co-location services please contact us today.

Cloud Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email Server Services 

The Hosted Exchange Email Server Solution offers a robust, remotely hosted, outsourced and fully managed implementation of Microsoft Hosted Email Exchange Server. Leveraging off proven Microsoft Technology, and benefiting from being located within the heart of internet networks being hosted in a World Class Data Centre, the solution provides a high level of resiliency, robustness and redundancy, as well as a range of security, content and management features supported by the best engineering staff in Kenya and Africa.

The Hosted Exchange Email Server Solution is architected to provide a high level of resiliency and uptime, making use of multiple Frontend servers, database servers, redundant switches and multiple firewalls.

The platform runs on 64-bit architecture allowing for increased scalability and performance. The entire platform is backed up utilizing Microsoft Data Protection Manager to ensure that all client data is fully protected.

E-mail security is provided utilizing the Microsoft Forefront product range which utilizes multiple scanning engines for anti-virus and anti-spam filtering ensuring that your e-mail is always protected.

The solution allows for a mixture of “Lite” and “Premium” users utilizing a variety of methods / clients to access the mail infrastructure and can dynamically scale as required.

As the solution is provided utilizing the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, there are no large capital outlays, no need to skill up / train / retain support staff and no need to worry about license management and future planning.

Administration is provided via a web based GUI (graphical user interface), whereby general user administration tasks can be performed, while the back-end server administration is left up to our trained and highly qualified support staff.  General administration tasks would include adding, deleting and modifying users, creating aliases, as well as creating Distribution Lists, specifying the primary SMTP delivery address and enabling SharePoint access. (Requires the Hosted SharePoint offering). Limited integration with a customer’s Active Directly is possible utilizing Microsoft Customer Directory Integration (CDI).

Mobile Users can access the Hosted Exchange platform from a wide variety of devices and benefit from a rich Outlook experience on capable devices. For devices that support the Outlook client, additional search features are available as well as the ability to manage out of office (OOF) status and messages.

Users taking advantage of the “Premium” option also benefits from the new Auto discovery feature which allows for simpler client configuration.

CISI Kenya Hosted Exchange Email Server Solution Features

  • Fully Outsourced Enterprise Email.
  • Inclusive Anti Spam and Anti Virus.
  • 5 Anti Virus Engines Scanning.
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA).
  • Expandable Storage.
  • Web based Provisioning.
  • Microsoft ActiveSync.
  • 99.9% uptime.
  • 24 Hour Support.
  • Support for non-windows compliant mobile devices available.

CISI Kenya Hosted Exchange Email Server Solution Benefits

  • Accessible from anywhere.
  • Easy Administration via Web Frontend.
  • Microsoft Active Sync Licensing for mobile devices.
  • Extensive Security.
  • Built on proven Microsoft products.
  • Lower total cost of ownership.

To find out more about CISI Kenya's Hosted Exchange Email Server Solution please contact us.

Dedicated Server Cloud Hosted Solutions 

CISI Kenya Dedicated Server Cloud Hosting Solutions enable the hosting or “co-location” of any server platform which will be accessed via the Internet or internally in a specially designed facility.

Essentially CISI Kenya's Dedicated Server Cloud Hosting Solutions enable the creation of Private Cloud Solutions, Public Cloud Solution or a hybrid Private/public cloud solutions at our partner data centers in Africa, United Kingdom and the United States.

Any customer wanting to host an on-line application, a web site or even an internal business system can take advantage of one of the world’s most comprehensive corporate hosting services available today offered by CISI Kenya.

Dedicated Cloud solutions offer each client their own separate server(s) and hardware sharing is avoided. Solution options include providing for a simple cloud hosting space, but can be upgraded and customized to include hardware, comprehensive server monitoring, backups and support, on request.

Dedicated Cloud Server Hosting Solution Features

  • Traffic Threshold.
  • 24 x 7 Monitoring and Support.
  • Managed System Backup & Recovery.
  • Hardware monitoring.
  • Hardware rental options.
  • Open Access Policy.

Dedicated Cloud Server Hosting Solution Benefits

  • World Class Facilities.
  • Largest converged network.
  • Largest on-line business community.
  • Comprehensive Services.
  • Cost Effective & Highly customizable.
  • Support and hi-tech skills.

Contact us today for more information about our secure dedicated server hosting solutions.

Virtualized Private Cloud Hosting Solution Features 

CISI Kenya Virtualized Private Cloud Hosting Solution service has been specially constructed to provide a high performance, secure and scalable environment for the hosting of virtual machines within purpose built data centre facilities.

CISI Kenya uses verified and trusted data centers in Kenya, throughout Africa, United Kingdom and The United States.

Customers wanting to take advantage of the benefits of virtualization are now able to do so, supported by a dedicated team of engineers maintaining an enterprise-server hardware platform coupled with the latest virtualization technologies.

Virtualized private hosting refers to a hosting service in which client servers reside upon a hardware infrastructure as virtual machines.

Virtualized private Hosting options include a range of hardware configurations from entry level to high-performance virtual machines, preference of Operating System, comprehensive monitoring, backups and support are available.

CISI Kenya Virtualized Private Cloud Hosting Solution Features

  • Automated High Availability and Performance Optimization.
  • Secure hosting platform
  • RAID protected SAN Storage.
  • High Scalability.
  • 24x7 Monitoring and Support.
  • Hardware Monitoring.
  • Outsourced Firewall and MPLS / VPN connectivity is available.

CISI Kenya Virtualized Private Cloud Hosting Solution Advantages

  • Quick Provisioning of virtual machines.
  • Cost Effective & Upgradeable Solution.
  • Wide Range of Peripheral Services.
  • Green IT Initiative (with up to 95% power savings).
  • Direct Connectivity to the internet.
  • Largest Converged MPLS Network.
  • Resource capacity upgrade on demand.

Contact us today to sign up for CISI Kenya Virtualized Cloud Hosting Solutions.

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