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Mautic Marketing Automation Solution 

Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.

Our Marketing Automation System Features

  • Lead Management

    • Effortlessly track both anonymous and known leads. The system provides in-depth and detailed lead tracking including page views, time spent on site, and specific interests. Once you’ve begun tracking, you can nurture those leads with an array of powerful processes and the system makes it easy.
  • Lead Nurturing & Tracking

    • The system provides in-depth and detailed lead tracking along with powerful lead nurturing tools to provide businesses with the tools needed to organize their marketing campaigns. Lead tracking provides page views, time spent on site, and specific interests.
    • The system takes lead nurturing one step further by allowing businesses to create any type of additional custom field for a lead. Using deeply integrated API’s it is possible to tie your CRM fields direct to your lead fields.
  • Campaign Marketing & Drip flow Programs

    • Campaigns and drip programs are critical to any good marketing automation program. The system comes with flexible, easy-to-use campaign management and drip program creation. Create a campaign and define actions and events which leads will follow. Automate the process of connecting with leads and nurturing them along the sales funnel.
    • The system lets businesses define multiple outcome processes and set both date triggered actions as well as activity triggered actions.
  • Email Marketing

    • Send personalized emails to your leads. Mass email marketing with no sending limits. Also integrate with existing third-party solutions. Watch email opening, track clicks, and send follow-ups based on user decisions all with The system and email marketing.
    • Design valuable forms for your campaign to collect information, build lists, give content or market your next webinar with the highly customizable form builder.
    • Flexible, easy-to-use campaign management and drip program creation. Build a campaign and define the actions and events your leads will follow. Automate the process of connecting with leads and nurturing them along the sales funnel.
    • Use the data gathered from each of your campaigns to improve your marketing efforts. Detailed feedback of campaign reports let you improve and perfect your marketing.
  • Landing Pages and Assets

    • Marketing automation uses landing pages to help capture key information from site visitors. The system lets businesses create stunning and unique landing pages easily through the integrated page builder. These landing pages provide key information to help monitor site traffic and also allows download monitoring for asset management.
    • All of these resources working together create a personal profile on each site visitor tailored to their interests and needs and provide businesses with relevant information for building a strong profile.
  • Integrated Solutions

    • Open source allows for unlimited integrations and customizations. The system integrates with dozens of solutions and can be easily extended via a powerful API.
  • Complete Control of your Data

    • You control your data with The system. No third-party services charging you to access your own information and keeping track of your data. Your leads are your leads.
  • Social Media Marketing

    • Engage your leads through powerful social media marketing. Listen to your target audience and interact directly with them on their social media platform. Build your lead lists from social mentions, hash tags, keywords and more. Active social network marketing built into your campaigns.

Services Offered

  • Mautic Implementation.
  • Mautic technical support.
  • Mautic upgrades
  • Email Automation planning.
  • Mautic integration with other systems.
  • Mautic Consultancy.
  • Mautic Cloud Pro licensing.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP System 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV. If your business is growing and ready to take on more opportunities, Dynamics NAV can help.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an easily adaptable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, it helps small and medium-sized businesses automate and connect their sales, marketing, purchasing, operations, accounting, project management, human resources, payroll, asset management, customer management, and inventory management.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers specialized functionality for manufacturing, distribution, government, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), Agricultural, professional services, finance, hotel, retail, and other industries.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Base Features

Base Finance Features:

  • General Ledger (chart of accounts with totaling, grouping and drill-down, general journals, multi-currency, VAT facilities, recurring journals, and source codes. It also includes facilities for internal and external reporting.)
  • Budgets (multiple budgets, allocation of budget funds to departments, projects or other chosen criteria)
  • Cash Management (unlimited number of bank accounts in any currency, integrated to G/L and other ledgers, bank account reconciliation and cheque writing).

Sales and Receivables

Maintain customers/donors and their invoices and payments in multiple currencies, and support sales quotes, orders, and invoicing fully integrated to the G/L and approvals. It enhances credit control and donor reporting by offering a myriad of reports and history & traceability of posted transactions including cash receipt of various types.)

Purchases and Payables

Maintain supplier accounts in multiple currencies, support purchase requisitions, supplier quotes, purchase orders and invoicing that are fully integrated to the G/L and approvals. Also features payment journals, requisition management, returns to supplier, and assigning purchasers.

Fixed Assets

Keep track of fixed assets such as buildings, machinery, and equipment. It features automatic depreciation functions, allocation and asset reclassifications and is fully integrated to purchase and sales and G/L to allow purchase of assets and disposal respectively. Various reports available.

Basic Inventory

This is used to keep track of items and consumables. It is usually used with Sales and Receivables and Purchases and Payables and is integrated to the G/L. Offers locations, location transfers of items, item budgets and a load of other related functionality and analysis reports.

Human Resource Management

This is used to keep track of employees. It offers leave management, recruitment, training, accident registration and more, including a number of reports to help with HR functions.

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Benefits

  • Facilitate Better Teamwork and Partnership

    • Sure Step provides a consistent approach, tools, and templates allowing you to facilitate distributed implementations through better teamwork across multiple geographies and time zones for a better customer experience.
  • Increase Your Productivity

    • Sure Step helps drive more efficient, predictable, and repeatable deployment, migration, configuration, upgrade, and on-going optimization of Microsoft Dynamics solutions in a cost-effective manner.
    • Sure Step helps reduce the potential for costly budget overruns and resource shortages.
    • Sure Step helps document procedures and roles for each phase of a project to provide a paper trail should issues arise.
    • Sure Step is flexible and customizable; CISI Kenya can add your own methods, best practices, and IP.
    • Sure Step Methodology and Sure Step Tools will help your end-users learn what it takes to implement Microsoft Dynamics solutions and how to seamlessly integrate project management components that are critical to a successful project.
  • Boost Satisfaction

    • The Sure Step Methodology and Sure Step Tools help communication through high-quality services – from initial deployment through the life of the Microsoft Dynamics solution.
      By following specific, proven processes in the Sure Step Methodology, CISI Kenya and your organization can properly set expectations.
      Best practices that include vision and scope documents, project planning, and cost estimations will help prepare your organization for the project and allow effective budgeting.

Services offered

  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP Implementation
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP Technical Support
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP Upgrades
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP Licensing Solutions
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP Integration with other systems
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP consultancy

Web Based Data Collection System 

Our web based and mobile data collection system can be used to collect data in the field more easily to a central server location.

The system consists of two parts the first part is the form design part to design forms to be used in collecting information from the field. The second part is the data collection part this involves the collection of data from the field by data collectors using a web interface or and android app.

Web Based Data Collection System Features

  • Form design portal to design custom forms.
  • Android App for data collection.
  • Ability to collect data offline then upload the data to the central server once a good connection is established.
  • Data visualization using simple custom graphs.
  • Ability to perform more analysis on the data using other software.
  • Strong API to enable connectivity with other systems.
  • Ability to integrate biometric systems for user authentication and to ensure that no two people are surveyed by collection the respondents fingerprints.
  • Ability for the software to be customized to meet the user’s needs, requirements and wants.
  • Ability to collect the location where the data was collected.
  • Ability to export data to excel, csv, xml, pdf and other formats.
  • User management to enable assignment of rights to users that determine what the users can do and view within the system.
  • Secure login system using passwords that can be extended to use biometrics and two factor authentication.

Benefits of the Web Based Data Collection System

  • Secure data collection.
  • Ability to create and customized data collection forms and questions.
  • Ability to distinguish between respondents by taking the respondents finger prints or photo or both during the data collection process.
  • Ability to integrate with other systems thought the powerful API system.
  • Simple data visualization providing basic reporting built within the system
  • Ability to manage user rights ensuring they only access what they need.
  • Fast and real-time data collection.

Services Offered by CISI Kenya

  • Web Based Data Collection System implementation.
  • Web Based Data Collection System customization of the system to meet the business needs,
  • Web Based Data Collection System technical support.
  • Web Based Data Collection System integration with other systems.
  • General consultancy.


Zimbra Email Server Solution 

Zimbra an advanced enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution. Zimbra offers the most innovative messaging experience available today, connecting end users to the information and activity in their personal clouds.

Our Zimbra Email Server solutions can be implemented on premise or on the cloud at one of the data centers we work with.

Features of Zimbra Email Server

Messaging and Collaboration

  • Connect users to their personal clouds with a smarter mailbox that integrates email, tasks, address book, calendar, files and enterprise applications.
  • Stay connected anywhere on any smartphone or other device with IMAP/POP, CalDAV and CarDAV.
  • Work online or offline with Zimbra Desktop or clients such as Microsoft Outlook using IMAP/POP, CalDAV and CarDAV.
  • Integrate with external directories for authentication, address lists and provisioning.

Advanced, Integrated Web Experience

  • Boost productivity with an innovative, recently enhanced, robust, browser-based interface.New dedicated search tab with common and easy-to-customize filters.
  • Easily send and receive authenticated and encrypted email messages using the OpenPGP Zimlet.
  • Productive document management, check in/out, instant sharing of documents and folders
  • Calendar wizard finds optimal group meeting times.
  • Transform Zimbra into a customized “collaboration hub” by integrating external applications and web services – such as Facebook and Twitter.

Simplified Administration

  • Simplified, task-oriented AJAX Web Administration Console enables anywhere administration.
  • Integrated anti-Spam, antivirus and directory services (LDAP, Active Directory).
  • Manage end-user features, quotas, storage policies via Class-of-Service (CoS).
  • Migration Wizards enable customers to rapidly and easily migrate from other systems.

Anywhere, Any Device

  • Synchronization to iOS (iPhone, iPad), Windows and Android-based smart phones and tablets, using IMAP/POP, CalDAV and CarDAV.
  • Rich browser-based experience for Zimbra email, contacts, calendar and files on any xHTML-capable device.

Zimbra Desktop and Desktop Clients

  • Get the same powerful Zimbra experience offline with Zimbra Desktop, the free email client for Windows, Mac or Linux desktops using IMAP/POP, CalDAV and CarDAV.
  • Aggregates Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, Hotmail and other POP/IMAP accounts.
  • Sync Gmail, Yahoo! Address Book and Calendar.

Benefits of Zimbra Email Server

  • Ability to Work anywhere

The Zimbra AJAX web experience works on any computer; email and files travel with you.

  • Ability to be more efficient

Large inboxes are easy to manage with Zimbra Tags, Conversation Views, and the Visual Search Builder.

  • It’s all-in-one

Email, calendar, documents, files and instant messaging are integrated.

  • Your client, your choice

Zimbra also syncs with Outlook, Thunderbird or any other standards based clients that support POP/IMAP and iCal/CalDAV.

  • Go mobile

Over-the-air sync to iPhone and BlackBerry plus virtually any device via our mobile web experience.

  • Scalable Technology

The Solution is based on highly scalable open source technology and provides simplified administration tools.

Zimbra Email Server Services Offered by CISI Kenya

  • Zimbra Email Server implementation.
  • Zimbra Email Server technical support.
  • Zimbra Email Server upgrades.
  • Migration from other email servers to Zimbra Email Server.
  • Zimbra Email Server licensing for Zimbra Pro.
  • Zimbra Email Server consultancy.
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pfSence Software Firewall 

pfSense® software includes most all the features in expensive commercial firewalls, and more in some cases. This section is intended to prove that to you and get you started on path of deploying pfSense software in your environment.

The pfSense project is a free network firewall distribution, based on the FreeBSD operating system with a custom kernel and including third party free software packages for additional functionality. Through this package system pfSense software is able to provide most of the functionality of common commercial firewalls, and many times more.

pfSense Firewall Features


  • Filtering by source and destination IP, IP protocol, source and destination port for TCP and UDP traffic.
  • Limit simultaneous connections on a per-rule basis.
  • pfSense software utilizes p0f, an advanced passive OS/network fingerprinting utility to allow you to filter by the Operating System initiating the connection. Want to allow FreeBSD and Linux machines to the Internet, but block Windows machines? pfSense software allows for that (amongst many other possibilities) by passively detecting the Operating System in use.
  • Option to log or not log traffic matching each rule.
  • Highly flexible policy routing possible by selecting gateway on a per-rule basis (for load balancing, failover, multiple WAN, etc.)
  • Aliases allow grouping and naming of IPs, networks and ports. This helps keep your firewall rule set clean and easy to understand, especially in environments with multiple public IPs and numerous servers.
  • Transparent layer 2 firewalling capable - can bridge interfaces and filter traffic between them, even allowing for an IP-less firewall (though you probably want an IP for management purposes).
  • Packet normalization - "'Scrubbing' is the normalization of packets so there are no ambiguities in interpretation by the ultimate destination of the packet. The scrub directive also reassembles fragmented packets, protecting some operating systems from some forms of attack, and drops TCP packets that have invalid flag combinations."
  • Disable filter - you can turn off the firewall filter entirely if you wish to turn your pfSense software into a pure router.

State Table

The firewall's state table maintains information on your open network connections. The pfSense software is a stateful firewall; by default all rules are stateful.

Most firewalls lack the ability to finely control your state table. The pfSense software has numerous features allowing granular control of your state table, thanks to the abilities of OpenBSD's pf.

Network Address Translation (NAT)

  • Port forwards including ranges and the use of multiple public IPs.
  • 1:1 NAT for individual IPs or entire subnets.
  • Outbound NAT.
  • Default settings NAT all outbound traffic to the WAN IP. In multiple WAN scenarios, the default settings NAT outbound traffic to the IP of the WAN interfaces being used.
  • Advanced Outbound NAT allows this default behaviour to be disabled, and enables the creation of very flexible NAT (or no NAT) rules.
  • NAT Reflection - NAT reflection is possible so services can be accessed by public IP from internal networks.

High Availability

CARP from OpenBSD allows for hardware failover. Two or more firewalls can be configured as a failover group. If one interface fails on the primary or the primary goes offline entirely, the secondary becomes active. The pfSense software also includes configuration synchronization capabilities, so you make your configuration changes on the primary and they automatically synchronize to the secondary firewall.
pfsync ensures the firewall's state table is replicated to all failover configured firewalls. This means your existing connections will be maintained in the case of failure, which is important to prevent network disruptions.


Only works with static public IPs, does not work with stateful failover using DHCP, PPPoE, or PPTP type WANs.


Multi-WAN functionality enables the use of multiple Internet connections, with load balancing and/or failover, for improved Internet availability and bandwidth usage distribution.

Server Load Balancing

Server load balancing is used to distribute load between multiple servers. This is commonly used with web servers, mail servers, and others. Servers that fail to respond to ping requests or TCP port connections are removed from the pool.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The pfSense software offers three options for VPN connectivity, IPSec, OpenVPN, and PPTP.

PPPoE Server

The pfSense software offers a PPPoE server. For more information on the PPPoE protocol, see this Wikipedia entry. A local user database can be used for authentication, and RADIUS authentication with optional accounting is also supported.

Reporting and Monitoring

RRD Graphs

The RRD graphs in the pfSense software maintain historical information on the following.

  • CPU utilization
  • Total throughput
  • Firewall states
  • Individual throughput for all interfaces
  • Packets per second rates for all interfaces
  • WAN interface gateway(s) ping response times
  • Traffic shaper queues on systems with traffic shaping enabled

Real Time Information

Historical information is important, but sometimes it's more important to see real time information.

  • SVG graphs are available that show real time throughput for each interface.
  • For traffic shaper users, the Status -> Queues screen provides a real time display of queue usage using AJAX updated gauges.
  • The front page includes AJAX gauges for display of real time CPU, memory, swap and disk usage, and state table size.

Dynamic DNS

A Dynamic DNS client is included to allow you to register your public IP with a number of dynamic DNS service providers.
A client is also available for RFC 2136 dynamic DNS updates, for use with DNS servers like BIND which support this means of updating.

Captive Portal

Captive portal allows you to force authentication, or redirection to a click through page for network access. This is commonly used on hot spot networks, but is also widely used in corporate networks for an additional layer of security on wireless or Internet access.

DHCP Server and Relay

The pfSense software includes both DHCP Server and Relay functionality.

pfSence Software Firewall Services Offered by CISI Kenya

  • pfSence Software Firewall implementation.
  • pfSence Software Firewall technical support.
  • pfSence Software Firewall upgrades.
  • pfSence Software Firewall consultancy.

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