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CISI Kenya works with its clients in  the management, design, implementation and deployment of large scale ICT investments, minimising implementation risk and ensuring that the new systems will be aligned with the business goals and the business requirements.

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CISI Kenya Consultancy ServicesCISI Kenya ICT Consultancy service provides organizations external advice, objectives and recommendations where our qualified and experienced consultants will help you to unlock the potential of your current or future ICT investments. They will focus on understanding your organizational goals, ideas and vision. From there, our ICT Consultants can advise and support your organization in developing solutions and partnerships to enable technology for everyone; ensuring positive outcomes for all.

Our ICT Consultancy service covers the following areas:


  • ICT Security and governance, ensuring your organisation systems are secure and policies are current, based on the latest legislation, guidance and practices.
    Advice, implementation and support of the Framework of ICT Technical Support (FITS)
  • Green ICT and recycling
  • ICT technical health check


  • ICT contract and procurement management using best practices to achieve best value
  • ICT contract advice when problems occur
  • Software licensing and compliance

Learning Partnerships

  • Facilitate visits to share best practices to training centers and other organizations
  • Curriculum Development
  • ICT medium term planning
  • Staff ICT skills assessments
  • Computing Curriculum development
  • ICT Coordinator training

ICT Management

  • CISI Kenya ICT solutions are designed to create an effective environment for the whole organisation
  • Construction projects for new and old buildings ensuring ICT services are designed and implemented to agreed standards
  • Network Infrastructure reviews and design ensuring your network is scalable to meet current and future demands
  • ICT technical audits ensuring your organisation ICT environment is proactively managed and supported
  • Virtualisation technologies to consolidate organisations hardware and reduce energy costs
  • Advising on web technologies and services to fit your environment
  • Advising on Management information systems (MIS)
  • ICT systems integration and information sharing
  • Advising on mobile technologies including management of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD)
  • Flexible learning technologies
  • Unified communications
  • Telephony systems
  • Print management systems
  • Project management of implementation of any new ICT infrastructure or systems, including contractor management, overseeing works and producing reports

Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning
This involves determining the exact steps the be taken to get your business up and running after a disaster. It is very important all businesses have a disaster recovery plan in place as disasters can cripple a business unfortunately many businesses only find this out when it is too late.

We work with our clients to create a custom bespoke plan that suits their business requirements to addressing:

  • Data Recovery and restoration
  • Hardware Failure
  • Connectivity Restoration
  • Loss of premises

Full service description and costs are available on request.

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